COVID PRECAUTIONS: Please contact us to discuss your event details in regards to COVID safety precautions. We are booking events based on duration, number of guests and location (outdoor, or large enclosed spaces with direct window ventilation). Our musicians follow all CDC guidelines, including social distancing and mask wearing.
What types of ensembles do you offer?
We offer a variety of string and custom ensembles. Please visit our Ensemble page for more information and sound clips.

What are your rates?
We offer solo musician packages from $250, with string quartet packages from $850. Since our rates are based on location, time duration and ensemble preference, please contact us to receive your custom price quote.

What set up do you require for performance?
We need one armless chair per musician placed in an area free from pedestrian traffic. If we are using one of our 150 water PA system, we also need access to an electrical outlet.

What time do you arrive before your scheduled performance?
We typically arrive 30-40 minutes before our start time to set up, warm up and go over any last minute details with your event planner and/or officiant.

What is your attire?
We dress in formal black, unless other colors are requested.

Do you perform outdoors?
Yes, we love playing outdoors. We do, however, need temperatures of at least 65 degrees, shade from direct sunlight and protection from rain or mist as these conditions can damage our instruments. If your venue has no protection, we have a portable canopy for sun protection (rental/setup fees apply).

Do you perform with singers and/or other instrumentalists?
Yes, we often accommodate requests to perform with singers and other instrumentalists. Our quartet also includes a pianist who is available for accompanying. We can recommend specific musicians, play with others you've booked or even play with guests attending your event. We discuss the musical selections with all parties, then meet for a rehearsal before the start time to ensure a polished performance. There is a $25 fee per musician for the additional rehearsal time.

Do you require breaks?
For wedding ceremonies, we do not require breaks. For reception and party bookings of 2 hours or more, we require one 10 minute break for every 50 minutes of playing. This ensures that we perform our best and don’t sustain any playing injuries. If the quartet is booked, we can also arrange for continuous music by breaking into smaller ensembles (duo or trio).

Do you play with amplification?
For most ceremonies, the acoustics of the venue rarely require us to play with amplification. For receptions and parties, we recommend our ensemble play with amplification if the venue has poor acoustics (ex. – carpeting) or if a large number of guests will be in attendance. It’s wonderful when everyone can enjoy the music you so carefully planned! To achieve a balanced, full sound, we perform with individual pick-ups. We have two PA systems (one corded, one cordless) suitable for events with up to 150 people. We also have two small cordless “baby” amps suitable for smaller venues or guest lists. We also have a wireless microphone which you are welcome to use for speeches or toasts. An additional cartage/set up fee applies to all PA equipment.

Will you help with the music selection?
With pleasure! We know that the music selection process can seem daunting, but we will walk you through it, offering suggestions to help you personalize your event. If you prefer, we can also select the music for you!

Do we need to meet in person?
An Elle Musique member will be happy to meet with you, although the music planning details are easily handled via email and/or phone.

I have a song I'd like you to play which is not in your repertoire. Will you still be able to perform it?
We will first attempt to locate a published arrangement (via music library or online vendor) suitable for our ensemble and bill you our cost for it. If one can’t be found, we may be able to write our own arrangement if the song is suitable for strings. The custom arrangement fee will vary depending on the piece’s complexity, length and instrumentation. We appreciate at least one month’s notice if preparing a custom arrangement. Please note, we can only accommodate one to two custom arrangements per event.

What if an Elle Musique member is ill?
In the event of emergency or illness, we have professional musicians ready to substitute for Elle Musique members.

How does Elle Musique differ from other music ensembles?
Elle Musique is not a booking agency. You work directly with us, guaranteeing every detail is covered. Our fees are also lower than those of a booking agency because there is no "middleman" to pay. The members of Elle Musique have played together for years. We have developed a unique musical relationship, resulting in a dynamic, polished sound. Booking agencies often hire individual musicians to play an event (not a pre-formed well-rehearsed group). In addition, we've performed at hundreds of events, and can assure you our professional experience is extensive and diverse.

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