Chicago string quartet musicians
Our most requested ensemble, a string quartet, consists of two violins, viola and cello. It offers the fullest sound, largest repertoire and is recommended for larger venues. We also offer a custom quartet with flute, violin, viola and cello. Rates start at $800/event.

String Quartet: Two Violins, Viola + Cello

Chicago string strio musicians
A string trio consists of two violins (or violin/viola) with cello. We also offer a custom trio with flute, violin and cello. It's a good choice for small venue weddings or those on a limited budget. Compared to a string quartet, a trio's sound is slightly thinner. Rates start at $600/event.

String Trio: Two Violins + Cello

Chicago string duet musicians
Another economical option, a string duo pairs a violin with a violin, viola or cello. It has a more limited repertoire but takes up little space. We also offer flute with violin or cello. Rates start at $400/event.

String Duo: Violin + Cello

Chicago solo musician
We also offer solo violin, viola, cello and flute. Rates start at $200/event.

Solo Violin

Solo Flute

Add any instrument, like flute or trumpet, or a vocalist to create a custom ensemble. We also have a pianist available to accompany soloists.

Custom Ensemble: Flute + Cello

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